What we offer

  • In home tutoring – flexible schedules to accommodate busy lifestyles
  • skills assessments
  • personalized learning plans
  • qualified referrals
  • consultation and advocacy support
  • homework help
  • skill development remediation
  • test preparation assistance and study skills instruction

Our Expertise

- K -12 academic tutoring
- Strategies to support different learning styles and exceptionalities
- Enrichment
- Remediation


Elementary Grades

The elementary grades are the time that students develop the building blocks for later success both through skill development and learning effective study habits. Not all students learn the same way. Today, teachers are delivering the most challenging curriculum yet, while support available at school is diminishing and class sizes are on the rise. As a result, many students are finding it difficult to keep up. This can cause children to have poor grades, low self-esteem, and lose confidence in themselves. We are here to help teach the skills to establish the foundations of learning and healthy study habits!

Our services are also appropriate for students who have minor difficulties with academics but need additional practice or study skills.  Tutoring is a great way to review and reinforce curriculum content. It is also a good opportunity for pre-teaching so students are familiar with the concepts they are presented with in class and are better able to focus and participate in classroom activities. Homework can be completed too!

We offer after school sessions or shorter lunch time sessions for students who go home for lunch.

High School

High School can be a very stressful time. There are occasions when the workload seems insurmountable and the subjects move very fast. This can be very daunting to many students. Our tutors have the knowledge base to help with all areas of the curriculum. Tutoring can be appropriate for students who need extra help in specific subject areas. We offer after school support, during the day at lunch or during spare periods.

Intervention and Special Education

As parents, it is very difficult to watch your child struggle in school. It can be even more challenging if they have a learning disability or exceptionality. Our tutors are equipped with the knowledge and tools to reach all types of learners. Remediation is the effective reteaching of material not previously mastered when it was originally taught. 

We offer programs that help students close the gap between their current skills and grade level expectations. This type of support is appropriate for students operating below grade level to assist with the reinforcement and retention of basic skills and curriculum concepts.

Homework Support

Having difficulty getting your child to do homework? Not able to get home in time to help your children with assignments from school? We are here for you! Our tutors will not only help to finish homework, but will also help to re-teach and reinforce the concepts learned in class. We use homework as a tool to develop the skills necessary to become effective and independent learners. This service is appropriate for students who are struggling in a single subject, and/or who need assistance with homework completion.