Who we are

At Elevate, we recognize that every child is unique and may require different methods of learning. We are committed to providing a learning environment where students can achieve the skills to become independent learners.  We create personalized learning programs for students of all ages. 

Our program matches students with the right tutors, providing a safe place for students to express themselves, and helping students set goals. 

We pride ourselves on offering tutorial services that are second to none by hiring only the most qualified tutors. All of our tutors have significant experience and academic credentials.


Elevate Tutoring was founded by two Ontario Certified teachers, Lisa Silver and Stacey Michaels. With a combined 28 years teaching experience, both have extensive knowledge of different learning styles and needs.

Stacey Michaels is a private school teacher with over 15 years experience. Stacey received her Bachelor of Education at York University after 4 years working with children with Autism as an ABA Senior Therapist. She has extensive knowledge of Learning Disabilities, ADHD, Autism, Non-Verbal LD, Auditory Processing Disorder, Dyslexia, MID and DCD. 

Lisa Silver taught in private school classrooms in Toronto and internationally prior to pursuing a private tutoring practice. Lisa received her Bachelor of Education at McGill University, as well as a Special Education Specialist and Writing qualification from York University. As a Special Education Specialist, Lisa has extensive experience with many different types of learners and has worked as an advocate, consultant, remedial program developer and service coordinator in a variety of settings. Working both in homes and in schools to help individual students develop the skills to reach their potential and become independent learners, Lisa works with teachers and parents to develop a seamless home/school partnership.